CRM & Customer Success

I took the initiative to establish, develop, and formalize the comprehensive process for racer onboarding, integration, and follow-up, spanning from the pre-race preparations to the event itself. This involved creating a structured framework (and detailed SOPs) to ensure a seamless experience for participants throughout the entire racing journey.

The processes I implemented had a transformative impact, streamlining and automating registration procedures and data-compiling systems essential for each team and driver. Notably, these systems featured innovative elements such as the inclusion of race history, penalty notes, and crucial customer success notes. This overhaul enhanced efficiency and data accuracy for a significant participant base of over 3000 racers.

Among these racers were C-level executives and clients possessing VIP or celebrity status. The processes I instituted ensured that the unique needs and expectations of these distinguished participants were not only met but exceeded, contributing to an elevated and personalized experience.

SCORE Journal

In the editorial realm, I meticulously curated and refined content to encapsulate the spirit and excitement of offroad motorsports. My editing expertise was not merely about grammar and syntax; it extended to crafting narratives that resonated with our audience, providing them with insightful, engaging, and informative content.

 I ensured that the publication not only showcased the latest innovations but also maintained an authentic connection with the offroad community and consumers. These relationships not only enhanced the publication’s credibility but also provided valuable resources for our readership, and valuable impressions for our sponsor fulfillment obligations.

SCORE Journal – ISSUE 6 – 2016

SCORE Journal – ISSUE 12 – 2016

The successful execution of partnerships and collaborations hinged on meticulous contract fulfillment. I managed agreements with advertisers, contributors, and collaborators, ensuring that each party’s expectations were not only met but exceeded. This involved precise coordination, timely content delivery, and a significantly deep understanding of SCORE’s contractual commitments. Through effective communication and a proactive approach, I upheld the integrity of our partnerships and contributed to the overall success of the publication. Success margins included readership, Sponsor satisfaction, and increased advertisement space sales.

Sponsor Relationships

Fostered robust B2B relationships with prominent corporate sponsors, such as Monster Energy, Bud Light, and BFGoodrich Tires, showcasing a talent for cultivating impactful connections at the C-level.

Orchestrated global advertising campaigns and seamlessly onboarded new advertising partners, demonstrating versatility in navigating diverse markets and establishing meaningful collaborations.

Skillfully negotiated and executed contracts with local sponsors and race support providers, emphasizing a keen understanding of C-level dynamics. Proactively managed deliverables prior to events, ensuring meticulous contract compliance from both parties.

I had the pleasure of working with Brianne while she helped SCORE international navigate through their first few years under new ownership. And in that time, there was never a question or problem that I brought to Brianne that she couldn’t solve in short order. The consummate professional, she quickly became my point of contact for all thing SCORE, even for matters that did not involve her department. Kind, knowledgeable, easy to work with, able to multi-task and would actually follow through with what she promised. All refreshing traits that Brianne so effortlessly exudes.

Bryan Lyttle, Racer | Armin Motorsports

Brianne is a class act. Hundreds of testosterone pumped adrenaline junkies all wanting what THEY want at the same time. Seems impossible but Brianne somehow makes it look easy. Roger is a lucky guy to have such a talent within his ranks.

Tony Hammers, Racer | PRO40 Motorsports

Brianne is a go-getter that knows how to get the job done! She has excellent organizational skills and is a true people person. Brianne is positive with an infectious attitude that lends to leadership qualities that are admirable and result oriented. I would highly recommend Brianne to be a part of any successful team.

Ann Anderson, Racer | Silver Creek Development

I have worked and watched Brianne over the period of the last 3 years transform the organization from a loosely organized system into a well oiled machine. She’s very talented and intelligent; she regularly helps others work through problems that she isn’t responsible for, often speeding the process up and making for a better event..

Brad Baker, Racer | Flat Track Racing