Hello, World: It’s Brianne!

A tenacious, ambitious, and energetic product manager.

Salesforce Reporting Guru ~ Data Manipulation Maniac ~ Customer Experience Obsessed

Product and Customer Success Manager with a background in CRM Systems, team-building, social media, and database creation, passionate about the user experience for both client and customer.

Successfully owned end to end an event registration system with backend CRM, providing a simple customer user interface that fed into a detailed and relevant customer profile for easily accessible internal use, and external access to specific allowable data points.

Proficient in understanding the end goals and intent of a project, and balancing technical possibilities with user needs. Seeking a position that is goal-oriented and challenging, at a company with room to excel and grow.

My demonstrated ability to bond with my team, make peer connections, and embrace the goals of the organization make me an asset to any company.

Early on

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