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Customers: Beauty Professionals and their Target Customers

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Beauty Professionals connect with their customers at home: A study in Consumer Confluence

~ Product needs to satisfy both ends of the experience. Dashboards and professional marketing

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I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Brianne and from our very first collaboration, her proactive approach and resilient attitude were immediately evident. Brianne embodies the rare combination of tenacity and critical thinking, which empowers her to navigate and overcome even the most challenging situations. She’s unwavering in her beliefs and consistently advocates for best practices. What sets Brianne apart, even more, is her dedication to fostering open communication and promoting a friendly work atmosphere. She’s not just a great professional, but also a delightful colleague. I wholeheartedly recommend Brianne for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.

Brian Allen, Director of Operations | Xicato, SBC